Michelle + Cam// Barn on South Ridge, La Crescent MN

Tacos + vintage lace dress + gorgeous sunset + succulents. This wedding was a dream. I am so excited to share some of my favorite moments with you here on this blog. Thank you Michelle + Cam for inviting me along on your day.

  • Venue: The Barn on South Ridge, La Crescent, MN

  • Dress: White Rose Bridal (Maggie Soterro)

  • Hair and Makeup: Ultimate Salon and Spa

  • Flowers: Old Oak Family Farm

  • Food: Pappis Taquira y Mas

Outdoor Fall Wisconsin Wedding

I can’t say enough about this couple and this day. From shooting their engagement session, I knew this wedding would reflect all things outdoorsy. & it was just that. From the outdoor ceremony, to the dog at the wedding, to the outdoor photo session locations, + fishing…. it filled my little photographer heart. Thank you Meghan + Matt for letting me be apart of your day. Enjoy your album that is being delivered today :). Here are a few photos from their day.

Megan + Matt Engagement Session by Krista Lynn Photography

Megan and Matt are both very outdoorsy people. When I asked them where we should have their engagement shoot, I knew they would choose a state park. Little did I know… the state park we went to would be something out of Lord of the Rings (LOTR nerd here). Bilbo Baggins for sure lives in that mossy cliff. I am convinced of it! Megan and Matt were so natural in front of the lens. Not to mention Izzy the Vizla pooch was a camera queen too! Thank you Megan + Matt for letting me capture this chapter in your lives. Can’t wait for the wedding day in about ONE MONTH! ;o

Jill + Adam + Harper, Viroqua Wisconsin Engagement Session

Can these three be any cuter?! I can't wait for October to be here to be able to photograph this gorgeous family! Harper is for sure going to steal the show on the dance floor, I can already see it! Adam + Jill will make the most adorable bride & groom. Thank you guys for allowing me to capture this special chapter in your lives! -Krista xox 

Baby Lambs + Sunset

What better way to end a weekend other than with baby lambs, a good friend, and a gorgeous sunset across the fields. Kat, you are such a natural beauty behind the camera. && your baby lambs.... although they were hard to catch at first... I am pretty sure they loved getting their photos taken.

The dogs got a little jealous of all the attention the babies got, so of course needed their spotlight time too!  Thank you for allowing me to come to your farm & capture you with the beauty of homestead life. 

Megan & Ryan

Megan and Ryan. Where do I begin? Megan has the kindest heart and soul. She is an environmental teacher within a school in Madison, WI. Ryan is a craft beer marketer and brander. Together, these two make the most awesome pair. I asked Megan, "what three words describe you two?" before I met them to understand the vibe I wanted to capture. Megan responded with: "goofy, laid back, outdoorsy". ALL characteristics I admire. With that said, capturing these two during our adventurous muddy hike was a blast. We ventured out into Duck Egg County Park in Viroqua, WI. A territory I know well, as it is near my home. During this photo shoot, we wore mud boots, got a little wet, laughed, cracked terrible but hilarious jokes, and danced in the sun. I could not have asked for a more inspiring and adventurous engagement shoot. Thank you so much from the bottom of my hear, Megan & Ryan for letting me capture your love story. Enjoy the rest of your engagement <3 -Krista Lynn 

The Larson Family

The sweetest babe entered the world two weeks ago. Love has been bursting at the seams within the Larson family household. Celia you have the two most loving big sisters who can't stop smiling when they are around you. Your mother, well she is basically a saint who will and would do anything for you. & your father, I guarantee he will be the most loving and protective daddy there is. I had so much fun capturing this family in their home and at the local fire hall. Thank you Larson family for letting me hang out with you and take photos of your new bundle + cute girls.