La Crosse Wisconsin Winter Engagement Session

Michelle + Cam started out as car pool to work buddies (we all work at the same school full time). They eventually turned into friends. & now they are also my clients- getting married in May! WOOHOO! They told me they would be awkward at photos (who doesn’t feel that way?!) and I assured them it would be okay. We went for a hike with the pup in the cutest little pine tree forest at the top of Grand Dad’s Bluff. We frolicked through the fields- and it did not feel “photo sessiony” at all haha. We had a blast. Can you tell?

Megan + Matt Engagement Session by Krista Lynn Photography

Megan and Matt are both very outdoorsy people. When I asked them where we should have their engagement shoot, I knew they would choose a state park. Little did I know… the state park we went to would be something out of Lord of the Rings (LOTR nerd here). Bilbo Baggins for sure lives in that mossy cliff. I am convinced of it! Megan and Matt were so natural in front of the lens. Not to mention Izzy the Vizla pooch was a camera queen too! Thank you Megan + Matt for letting me capture this chapter in your lives. Can’t wait for the wedding day in about ONE MONTH! ;o

The Larson Family

The sweetest babe entered the world two weeks ago. Love has been bursting at the seams within the Larson family household. Celia you have the two most loving big sisters who can't stop smiling when they are around you. Your mother, well she is basically a saint who will and would do anything for you. & your father, I guarantee he will be the most loving and protective daddy there is. I had so much fun capturing this family in their home and at the local fire hall. Thank you Larson family for letting me hang out with you and take photos of your new bundle + cute girls.