Flat Lay Adventure for Local Businesses

Since I opened my photography business, I realized I quickly developed an interest for adventurous couples and families who seek a photo session in the great outdoors.

With that said... over time I have also found that I enjoy setting up creative scenes to portray a story of an item or specific product. In comes the words "flat lay". Two words I had no idea what they meant six months ago. Well, I am happy to say... with some thought and contemplation. I am now adding flat lays for local businesses to my niche. 

Flat lays provide businesses timeless curated photographs that allow the consumers to see a specific product in context. The context portrays a scene or story that is visual and pleasing to the eye. Flat lay photographs are perfect to establish content for businesses to advertise and use on their social media platforms. 

I enjoy setting up, creating, designing, and capturing the essence of a product in a flat lay. 

Shown in the photos below is the work of @poppy and hazel designs (graphic design) within a flat lay I created. The mood the business wanted to portray was "moody" yet "elegant". The colors chosen give a darker feel, yet pops of pink floral to lighten the tone and provide fresh/crisp/elegance.