Michelle + Cam// Barn on South Ridge, La Crescent MN

Tacos + vintage lace dress + gorgeous sunset + succulents. This wedding was a dream. I am so excited to share some of my favorite moments with you here on this blog. Thank you Michelle + Cam for inviting me along on your day.

  • Venue: The Barn on South Ridge, La Crescent, MN

  • Dress: White Rose Bridal (Maggie Soterro)

  • Hair and Makeup: Ultimate Salon and Spa

  • Flowers: Old Oak Family Farm

  • Food: Pappis Taquira y Mas

Outdoor Fall Wisconsin Wedding

I can’t say enough about this couple and this day. From shooting their engagement session, I knew this wedding would reflect all things outdoorsy. & it was just that. From the outdoor ceremony, to the dog at the wedding, to the outdoor photo session locations, + fishing…. it filled my little photographer heart. Thank you Meghan + Matt for letting me be apart of your day. Enjoy your album that is being delivered today :). Here are a few photos from their day.

Flat Lay Adventure for Local Businesses

Since I opened my photography business, I realized I quickly developed an interest for adventurous couples and families who seek a photo session in the great outdoors.

With that said... over time I have also found that I enjoy setting up creative scenes to portray a story of an item or specific product. In comes the words "flat lay". Two words I had no idea what they meant six months ago. Well, I am happy to say... with some thought and contemplation. I am now adding flat lays for local businesses to my niche. 

Flat lays provide businesses timeless curated photographs that allow the consumers to see a specific product in context. The context portrays a scene or story that is visual and pleasing to the eye. Flat lay photographs are perfect to establish content for businesses to advertise and use on their social media platforms. 

I enjoy setting up, creating, designing, and capturing the essence of a product in a flat lay. 

Shown in the photos below is the work of @poppy and hazel designs (graphic design) within a flat lay I created. The mood the business wanted to portray was "moody" yet "elegant". The colors chosen give a darker feel, yet pops of pink floral to lighten the tone and provide fresh/crisp/elegance. 


Styled Wedding Shoot Pedretti's Party Barn

There is always an overwhelming feeling of joy that comes with collaboration. When more than one soul + brain come together; each with their own visions, each with their own goals, each with their own passions... something magical happens. 

My mother always preached to me -- to be the girl who is always willing to involve others and to never be exclusive. My sleepovers were never exclusive. My mom would make it a point to invite every single girl possible. She always embodied building others up and involving everyone to equate to the best time. {I remember her saying "it is better to be around others than to be alone". This saying can be a metaphor for life & can also be a metaphor for business.}

As a female entrepreneur it is easy to fall into the cracks of competition and comparison; especially in the saturated field of photography. I have found that it is essential to find my tribe of women that build me up rather than break me down to ensure I do not fall into the competition or comparison game. Those women are out there. Your tribe is always out there. Sometimes you just need to reflect on the areas you are searching for them :). I found my ladies, and they were beyond amazing to work with. We made it a priority to work together and make something great. Collaboration > competition, always. 

"I have never had to unscrew another woman's lightbulb in order to shine" 

With that said, this December I had an idea. An idea that I thought was not nearly possible. I had this vision to initiate a styled wedding shoot with local vendors. As a person who is new to the photog biz, it is often difficult to get wedding experience and content... when you have none to show! So what better way to put my skills to use. 


{more than one soul + brain is better than one}

The group of women that said "yes" to me I cannot thank enough:

Krysta Holden @kristaholdenphoto -- a gal I met on (of all places) instagram! She drove all the way from Lake Geneva area to be a second photographer for this shoot. 

Destinee from @skiesthelimiteventswi -- a gal who I also met on instagram. She has the vision, power, and skill to take a Pinterest board and make it come to life. 

Resource Vintage Rental @resource_vintage_rental -- an inspiring local business who rents out an array of wedding decor/vintage decor. 

Alicia Diane Glam @aliciadianeglam -- a gal who came all the way from Sartell, MN to do the "moody" Burgundy vibes makeup we were looking for. She is so skilled at what she does. 

Bridal Gown/ Accessories/ Groom attire: Charlottes Bridal @charlottesbridal -- This local wedding vendor has the most dreamy and stylish wedding attire. We could not have asked for a better bridal shoppe to work with. They took our dress vision/groom attire & ran with it. 

Rustic Rhinestone Events @rustic_rhinestone_events-- have you seen her instagram or facebook page?! The most dreamy fresh floral you could ever imagine of. Check her floral out, you won't be disappointed. 

Pedretti's Party Barn -- the best venue we could ask for. Of course I am bias since I work there on occasion (hello employee wine discount!)... BUT come on. Their vineyards are so beautiful & their wedding barn (Edison lights and all) is to die for. 

Meringue Bakery @meringuebakery -- This boss lady is capable of anything you could ever envision when it comes to creating a one-of-a-kind amazing cake. Not to mention she won Food Network's Holiday Baking Championship Season 4! Go check her work out. Amazing. 

Models: Logan & Trent. I mean. Come on. So cute together. 



Baby Lambs + Sunset

What better way to end a weekend other than with baby lambs, a good friend, and a gorgeous sunset across the fields. Kat, you are such a natural beauty behind the camera. && your baby lambs.... although they were hard to catch at first... I am pretty sure they loved getting their photos taken.

The dogs got a little jealous of all the attention the babies got, so of course needed their spotlight time too!  Thank you for allowing me to come to your farm & capture you with the beauty of homestead life.