Naomi + Joe// Duluth, MN// Vineyard Church

Naomi + Joe on the blog today! Their wedding took place at the Vineyard Church in Duluth, MN. Lots of friends and family came together to celebrate & you could definitely feel the love everyone has for these two. The day was beautiful with one or two small rain showers for good luck of course! Naomi was the most beautiful bride, and Joe was the most patient groom. Both, a pleasure to work with! Thank you Naomi and Joe for allowing me and trusting me to capture these moments on your big day!

It was a pleasure to work with the following vendors:

Venue: Vineyard Church

Videographer: Marija Leilynn Videography/Photography

Hair: Rosie Purcell

Wedding Dress: A & Be Bridal

Party Bus: Al Capone Party Bus

DJ: Joshua Miron

Thanks again Naomi & Joe! xox Krista

Lisa + Brett // Hartley Nature Center // Duluth, MN // Engagement photos

Lisa + Brett. Thanks for frolicking through the wildflower fields and climbing big hills with me. I can’t wait for your big day in October. You two are the cutest. - Krista

Michelle + Cam// Barn on South Ridge, La Crescent MN

Tacos + vintage lace dress + gorgeous sunset + succulents. This wedding was a dream. I am so excited to share some of my favorite moments with you here on this blog. Thank you Michelle + Cam for inviting me along on your day.

  • Venue: The Barn on South Ridge, La Crescent, MN

  • Dress: White Rose Bridal (Maggie Soterro)

  • Hair and Makeup: Ultimate Salon and Spa

  • Flowers: Old Oak Family Farm

  • Food: Pappis Taquira y Mas

Naomi + Joe. Duluth, Minnesota Engagement Session.

I have known Joe since high school and Namoi shortly after. Both have always had big smiles and such giggly laughs… it is hard not to laugh with them. These two are getting married in Duluth, MN in August, so I figured… what better engagement location than Canal Park and Hartley Nature Center :) (it can’t get more Duluth-y than that!). Their engagement session was full of adventure, puppy Finn (with many many treats of course!), and laughing. I loved every minute of it and can’t wait for their big special day.

Ps- Can we get a slow clap right now for Namoi’s hair. I told her ten times throughout the session that I wanted it.

xox Krista Lynn

La Crosse Wisconsin Winter Engagement Session

Michelle + Cam started out as car pool to work buddies (we all work at the same school full time). They eventually turned into friends. & now they are also my clients- getting married in May! WOOHOO! They told me they would be awkward at photos (who doesn’t feel that way?!) and I assured them it would be okay. We went for a hike with the pup in the cutest little pine tree forest at the top of Grand Dad’s Bluff. We frolicked through the fields- and it did not feel “photo sessiony” at all haha. We had a blast. Can you tell?

My Journey to Wellness - Hashimoto's Disease

I have received a few questions on my instagram regarding my recent autoimmune and thyroid diagnosis. Rather than typing my little phone keyboard away- I figured it would be easier to lay it all out on here for people to reference and see the answers to all the questions asked. I said anything goes…. so here it all is!

Let me preface this with: I am by no means a doctor or specialist in autoimmune/thyroid. I am simply sharing my experience & what I personally have learned on this journey to wellness.

What happens when your thyroid slows down? Thyroid has everything to do with metabolism, hormones, temp regulations, energy, etc. So when it slows down… you can gain weight, get fatigued, get cold, lose energy, lose hair, get brittle nails, get a swollen neck…. so many things!

When did you know something was not “right”? Sometime in July I went in for a yearly physical. At this time I was working a new job 40+ hours a week at a hospital, doing photography on weekends, and house searching. I think “tired” was a norm considering all these factors… however, I felt unusually tired and a bit “off” in terms of energy and mood. With my physical and symptoms explained, my doctor wanted to run labs.

Once my labs came through, my doctor found that my TSH level was 5.45… The average TSH level is <2 (especially if you are trying to conceive or pregnant). However, they do not consider you to need medication until it is above a 5.5 level. I was 0.05 away from needing meds at this time. When that is the case they do a “wait and see” approach. They send you back in three months to see if your levels got worse, better or stayed the same.

In the time frame of July-September, my hair was thinning to the point that my hairstylist mentioned it. I was beyond tired. Fatigued. Only wanted to be in bed. Hard to wake up with an alarm. Wanted to go back to bed at 8pm every night. I had sore joints.& I was cold ALL the time. I gained 10 lbs in 3 months (with no diet or exercise changes).

Fast forward to September: My TSH levels stayed the same. Since I am in the phase of life where we may or may not be wanting kids in the near future… my endocrinologist (the person who deals with diabetes, thyroid, and adrenal issues) suggested I start medication now rather than waiting for it to tip over 5.5. I am thankful for this…. because most doctors won’t treat you until you are over a 5.5 level.

My doctor isn’t giving me answers, what should I do?: Regardless if you like your doctor or not… if you feel that you are not getting answers…. there is nothing wrong in changing doctors to get a second or even third opinion. It took me THREE doctors to get answers. If I would have stuck with the first doctor I would still be getting told I just need to watch what I eat and exercise more.

****(which I felt like I was doing and know that diet + exercise has a role in overall health and energy- but this was not the sole root cause of my issues… so thankful I finally got real answers!)

Can you control it with diet? I have heard success stories in improving overall thyroid function (TSH levels) with diet and specific nutrient intake … however… for me this was not an “immediate” option when I got diagnosed. Because it is so crucial to have TSH <2 when you are thinking of starting a family… I was not going to experiment with said diet and no medication for an unknown time frame of seeing how long it would take for levels to get below 2. Especially with how crappy I was feeling, I needed medication.

Even with medication, it is unknown how long it can take for your TSH levels to drop. But at least I know my body is instantly getting the help it needs right now with the synthetic TSH hormones. I have to go in every 6 weeks to get labs done to check my TSH levels.

Regardless of being put on medication right away—- I do believe proper nutrients and diet is so important in decreasing inflammation and helping with thyroid function. I want to learn more in this realm. I got a message today from someone in Finland (hi Tawni!) telling me to read this book— which I plan to! Here is the link for anyone also wanting to better understand autoimmune diets.

What about fertility and thyroid? Since it is risky to get pregnancy with TSH levels above a 2…. birth control in any form is recommended to prevent a risky, unsafe, unhealthy, pregnancy. I am following these recommendations. It is a waiting game. Definitely frustrating at times.

Where does autoimmune come into play with all this? So until my TSH level goes officially above a 5.5, I do not have an official diagnosis of “hypothyroidism”. Yes, my thyroid is in the high “normal” range. When TSH is above a 2, it is an indication that person may have symptoms related to hypothyroidism, however, the official “label” does not come into play until TSH goes above 5.5.

With that said, anytime TSH is above a 2 and there are “symptoms” …. it is important for that person to get lab work done related to antibodies.

Antibodies specific to thyroid auto immune disease are called “TPO antibodies”. You often have to advocate for yourself to get your doctor to run this specific lab work. This type of lab work often needs to be sent to a specialized place like the Mayo to be read.

Once you get your TPO antibodies lab work back, your doctor will have a clear indication if you have inflammation and/or antibodies attacking your thyroid…. also known as “thyroiditis” or “hashimoto’s autoimmune disease”.

The usual level of antibodies within a “healthy person” is <9 level. My level was above >125. This indicates my body was completely inflamed and made sense as to why I felt like such crap.

What is an antibody?

Antibodies are blood proteins produced within our body to counteract viruses, bacteria, foreign substances within our bodies. Antibodies specific to thyroiditis and hashimoto’s disease do not recognize the thyroid for some reason, and view it as a “foreign” substance. This results in the antibodies then attacking the thyroid and slowing the thyroid down. Eventually as my endocrinologist puts in, the thyroid will “die” which then results in a possible increase of synthetic TSH.

Antibodies are present in other autoimmune diseases too! For example, in Lupus… antibodies target the body’s own cells! & over time destruct the nucleic matter within the cells.

Can you treat the autoimmune disease?

There are diets that support autoimmune diseases and decreasing inflammation for sure. I am not an expert on those- but maybe one day I will look into it more! My endocrinologist indicated there are no medical treatments that decrease the antibodies present within your body.

With thyroiditis or hashimoto’s disease- if your doctor thinks your TSH levels are high enough…. they will prescribe you with synthetic TSH medication. The synthetic TSH replace the thyroid hormones you are lacking when your thyroid is not working the way it should be. So you can’t really treat the autoimmune itself- but hopefully the symptoms related to your slow working thyroid decrease with the medication.

It is also important to note: Stress increases inflammation. With autoimmune diseases- it is essential that you regulate and manage stress in healthy manners.

ALSO important to note: Once you have one auto immune disease, you are x4 times more likely to develop another. So taking charge of it and looking into how you can decrease inflammation with diet and nutrition is so important!


A winter engagement session in La Crosse WI

These two were so fun. The young little lady that joined was sure to throw snow at us the entire time to make it look like a “snow globe”. I had so much fun I honestly forgot it was only 20 degrees outside! I can’t wait for their September wedding next fall. Here are a few from Bridgette + Nick’s engagement shoot! Enjoy!

Outdoor Fall Wisconsin Wedding

I can’t say enough about this couple and this day. From shooting their engagement session, I knew this wedding would reflect all things outdoorsy. & it was just that. From the outdoor ceremony, to the dog at the wedding, to the outdoor photo session locations, + fishing…. it filled my little photographer heart. Thank you Meghan + Matt for letting me be apart of your day. Enjoy your album that is being delivered today :). Here are a few photos from their day.

Jill + Adam + Harper

First off, before I write anything. I want to thank Jill and Adam for believing in me. They believed in me from the get go, being honest and open about starting this photography journey 10 months ago.

Jill and Adam started as clients, but became friends of mine very quickly. It is hard not to get along with two of the most positive and happy people you have ever met.

Jill: You were the most gorgeous bride I have ever seen.

Adam: You were the most genuinely happy and proud groom I have ever seen.

Harper: You are a lucky young man to have both of these awesome people in your life.

Congrats again Adam and Jill. Here are a few more sneak peeks on the blog. Your album will be delivered soon!

Megan + Matt Engagement Session by Krista Lynn Photography

Megan and Matt are both very outdoorsy people. When I asked them where we should have their engagement shoot, I knew they would choose a state park. Little did I know… the state park we went to would be something out of Lord of the Rings (LOTR nerd here). Bilbo Baggins for sure lives in that mossy cliff. I am convinced of it! Megan and Matt were so natural in front of the lens. Not to mention Izzy the Vizla pooch was a camera queen too! Thank you Megan + Matt for letting me capture this chapter in your lives. Can’t wait for the wedding day in about ONE MONTH! ;o