The Gal Behind the Lens

Hey! My name is Krista! I am so excited that you found your way to my little space. I work full time as a speech-language pathologist & photography is my side hustle- but can I say love of my life? Sure. It really is. Summarizing myself up- can be done in three words: goofy, tacos, and dogs. But I guess to give you a better idea about who I really am…. I can tell you a bit more. Here it goes!

I am originally from the Duluth, MN area. I moved 5 times in the last SIX years and currently reside in the La Crosse, WI region thanks to my husbands (hopefully final) work placement.

I love all things adventure. Canoeing, fishing, horseback riding, hiking, you name it… you can find me there.

On a typical day off, you can find me sipping (strong) coffee on my couch, cuddling my English Setter named Hudson, and reading a good book or watching some documentary I got sucked into.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What brought you into photography?

“As a teenager and into my 20's I found myself always wanting to capture life moments with my iphone. I always told myself, next year I will buy a nice camera. Next year. Next year..... Let's just say that the camera did not come until I was 27. I am so glad I finally decided to commit to owning a camera.

My mom passed away unexpectedly when I was 26. At this time I realized two things: 1) Life is too short to always wonder and ponder on your passions. 2) Life is too short to not document the authentic beautiful moments with the people you love.  Following my mom's passing, I realized we did not have many professional family photos + I did not have many photos in general with just my mom. My heart sank knowing I could not add to the collection and many of the only photos I had were not of good quality. 

Knowing what I know now about life, I became motivated to pursue something that has always been my "what if"/ back burner/ dream. I decided to put both feet forward into my own photography journey. So here I am and here we go! I know how important pictures are, I am beyond motivated to get you those pictures you can keep forever. 

I believe in capturing moments. I believe every story deserves to be told.  I believe in finding the joy in the ordinary. I believe in the feelings photography gives people and the memories frozen in time. I believe in organic + good quality photos to reflect back on and share for generations.  If you are looking for someone to capture the realness, rawness, authenticity of your story ... I am your gal. Everyone has a story worth telling and showing. Let's do this together and make something great.”

  • What do you normally shoot?

“I typically focus on weddings (+engagements), families, portraits (including seniors), and LOVE working with brands and flat lay designs.”

  • What is your ideal wedding?

“I love all things weddings, but if I had to narrow it down right now I would say: intimate, adventurous, natural weddings. Weddings where the couple puts more work into building the foundation of their marriage than the actual day itself. Materialistic items and all the misc. you can find yourself buying to fit in a certain mold of a wedding vision only last 8-10 hours. Your marriage lasts a lifetime.

I find value in focusing my lens on the real/raw/authentic emotions displayed by everyone around me. I take a journalistic documentary photography stance and capture candid moments. Of course I throw in some poses if you wish for your bridal portraits, but my main focus is just capturing the joy that is felt on that day through my lens.”

  • What are your prices?

“My prices fluctuate based on the demand of the season. Please reach out to me and contact me for current pricing.”

  • Do you have limits on family photos during the wedding day?

“My answer to this is yes, I want the day to be about the bride and groom. Second cousins, great aunts, photos with all the family members can take time away from couples portraits the day of. I limit family photos on the wedding day to: bride, groom + parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts, uncles, first cousins, nephews, nieces.”

  • Tell me more about your second shooters…?

“Second shooters are selected at my discretion. They are trained with the camera they use and focus on candid shots throughout the ceremony and part of the reception. They can provide additional shots at different angles a single shooter does not always have the capabilities to get. They also help me throughout the day if needed. If bride + groom need to get ready at same time at two different locations, a second shooter typically goes to take groom/groomsmen photos while I hang with the ladies. All images taken by second shooters are edited by myself.”

  • Do you or are you willing to travel?

“YES YES and YES! Let’s talk!”

  • Do you do elopements?

“Elopements are my heart and soul. If I could have done one without breaking my grandma’s heart on not being at my wedding, I WOULD HAVE hands down. I seriously admire those who run off the beaten path and get hitched. It is the best.”

  • How many images can I expect to get with a session?

I focus on quality over quantity. Although I can’t promise specific amounts, I can tell you my usual ranges. Weddings curate around 700-1200 images, engagements 100-200, portraits around 50, family 70-200. Give or take… this is the usual range I see when I deliver albums!

  • What are your favorite things?

“Can tacos be in all my answers? Tacos. Dogs are pretty cool…. specifically english setters. Give me all the high waisted pants. Yoga is life. Pine trees and fields of flowers are my love language. Yup, that pretty much sums it up!”

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